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Volvo XC60 concept

Volvo will introduce the XC60 concept at the Detroit Auto Show in January. The production version of this compact premium crossover should follow rapidly and reach the showrooms in the first half of 2009. Many of the XC60's formal characteristics represent a quantum leap for the brand's design language that's been almost stagnant since the 1992 ECC concept. With the XC60, Volvo reveals the direction they are heading for future vehicles.

Aiming to improve brand recognition, Design Director Steve Mattin declares he now wants to use "more expressive, emotive shapes" to "elevate Volvo's design DNA to an entirely new level". The new grille with a bigger logo and angled headlights, the racy DLO shape and roof profile, the sculpted flanks and dramatic tailgate/taillights treatment are all testimonies of this new design philosophy at Volvo.

Presumably built on a mechanical foundation derived from Land Rover's LR2, the XC60 will bear large wheels and offer plenty of ground clearance. The interior features slim seats and an innovative floating center stack. The multifunctional tailgate has a transparent lower section that improves rearward visibility.


21.12.2006 12:41

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