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Changan Xingqing concept

Xingqing, which means 'clear sky', was inspired by the romantic atmosphere which fills people when looking up to the sky and seeing the stars on a clear night. Measuring at 3500mm x 16500mm x 1550mm on a 2365mm wheelbase, this entry level compact minivan CUV is targeted at young urban professionals, whom the company would describe as "using this car to commute during weekdays, as well as enjoying the outdoor life on the weekend."

Styled in Italy, the Xingqing concept and the theme is much like that of the Fiat Multipla from more than a decade ago, focusing on interior functionality and the user interface of the driver and passengers, more than flashy exterior styling. While this is a compact mini, seating arrangement allows up to five adult passengers and their luggage as well.

The simple and almost 'abstract' interior surprised many, with almost no details apart from the steering wheel visible around the cluster and the center console. Overall use of the interior space was equally impressive with functions such as a fully opening tailgate which effectively turns into a tent, fold-and-dive rear seat, and a B-pillarless clamshell door allowing for easy ingress/egress and to load large equipment.

The exterior design, which in effect was styled to support the interior functionality, has its share of strong characteristics. The overall form of the vehicle is a one-box minivan with excellent stance. Details such as the headlamp located around the A-pillars, clever use of the orange and black two-tone around the sill area to create dynamic stance, and a Y-shaped front grille were all executed well.

While a vehicle such as this won't have much chance of making it out of the auto show display booth, the Xingqing concept definitely was a pleasant surprise to many with clever ideas and well-resolved design.


06.12.2006 15:27

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